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Products and services

C&G offers products and services in the fields of electric power industry, monitoring, IT, maintenance and live working.

We have developed our own GRIDPULSE brand for managing overhead lines and are a leading company in the field education and training for live working. Our wholesale specialises in the marketing of products for the electric power industry, industrial and installation companies.

Complete solutions in the energy sector

Always looking to the future, to stay at the cutting edge of development, we create new solutions, new services and new paths to energy efficiency, reliable control, greater safety, efficiency, and careful management of resources. The C&G Group is committed to excellence that goes beyond the wishes of our clients and the expectations of the society: the future of energy, industrial and infrastructure projects is in the best hands with us. Planned strategic investments in research and development, confidence in our own knowledge and skills, and the promotion of innovation have produced results, among which the development of our GRIDPULSE system solution for real-time management and assessment of the condition of existing and new overhead lines.

Members of the C&G Group

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