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About us

C&G is a forward-looking engineering, innovative, development and marketing-oriented company with a long tradition in energy infrastructure.

The knowledge and skills of our experts ensure that we operate efficiently and flexibly, anticipating and shaping the needs of our partners, clients and project collaborators.

We invest in product development and offer a wide range of advanced services in the electric power sector. Through affiliates, project partners and long-term alliances, we also exploit synergies in the areas that are not fully related to our core business.

We have expanded our range of services into the field of design and provide comprehensive turnkey execution of complex projects. By developing and combining the competences of the C&G Group companies and partners, we are able to carry out even the most complex projects, which require the skills of several engineering disciplines for excellent execution. The construction of complex facilities, involving design and contract engineering, is the activity where the C&G Group has the greatest potential, thanks to the combination of design and contract engineering expertise, references and experience.

The C&G Group is co-shaping the future of the electric power, engineering and design industries. Working with us is an opportunity for you to enjoy this future too!


Company name

C & G zastopanje, svetovanje in inženiring, d.o.o.


+386 1 236 42 40



Riharjeva ulica 38, 1000 Ljubljana

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C&G d.o.o. Ljubljana participates in the development project of digital transformation with the activities “Development of the VR model for six switchyards”. Project title: DigiELES – Digital transformation of the …

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The future does not just come – it has to be built. Therefore, research and development are the cornerstone of the C&G’s existence and growth. Since its foundation, C&G’s activities have been concerned with the development of technology, services and equipment, based on the knowledge and innovation. It is not enough for us to follow trends: we co-create them. Our path is scientific, our goal is safe, efficient, economical and advanced operation, and our satisfaction is the success of our clients.

We are particularly proud of some of the solutions that are the result of our knowledge. We have, for example, developed a device for monitoring overhead lines, which has, over time, grown into its own brand called GRIDPULSE. We have developed the ARGO augmented reality process-monitoring platform, participated in the DigiELES digital transformation development project, co-created solutions for more efficient regional and cross-border cooperation in the Farcross transmission network, and developed Virtus, an innovative technology platform that enables the creation of flexible learning environments in virtual reality.


ISO 14001
ISO 9001
Ex U. 20023
Ex U. 20022
Ex U. 20021

Complete solutions in the energy sector

Always looking to the future, to stay at the cutting edge of development, we create new solutions, new services and new paths to energy efficiency, reliable control, greater safety, efficiency, and careful management of resources. The C&G Group is committed to excellence that goes beyond the wishes of our clients and the expectations of the society: the future of energy, industrial and infrastructure projects is in the best hands with us. Planned strategic investments in research and development, confidence in our own knowledge and skills, and the promotion of innovation have produced results, among which the development of our GRIDPULSE system solution for real-time management and assessment of the condition of existing and new overhead lines.

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